Quality, Quantity, and Range

At Auswide Productions, we carry an extensive range of Audio Visual equipment hire, and our range has been custom selected in order to be able to meet any and every event need.

From a simple microphone to help project a voice to the back of a room, through to the kind of projectors, PA systems and rigging to support a major conference event, Auswide Productions has a solution to any need. And, as we only stock products from the finest Audio Visual vendors, events that we are a part of do not experience technical issues or failures, and do not need excessive management on the day of the event. We aim to be as “plug and play” as possible, and so we carefully select the products we can to ensure user friendliness and reliability.

How to select the right equipment?

Because we have such an extensive range, it can be difficult to select the right equipment for the job. After all, each event is different, so even in comparison to other events of the same size, you might well have your own specific technology needs that require a creative use of technology to solve.

And that’s when our friendly team of Audio Visual experts come in. We value each and every one of our customers, and it’s important to us that our technology helps to elevate their event to the next level, and not become a hindrance. Because it is so important to us that you have a positive engagement with Auswide Productions, we engage closely with each of our customers at every point in the event planning and execution stage.

We start by taking the time to talk to each of our customers, to understand what they are looking to achieve with their event, and how the Audio Visual element will fit into the broader event plan. From there we walk our customers through the options that they have, based on their budget. We don’t upsell unnecessary technology, and we don’t recommend the more expensive option when there’s an alternative that works just as well for the customer’s specific event. For us the goal is to provide the best technology, not the most expensive.

Once the right equipment has been decided on, we will continue to engage with our customers to make sure that it’s working the way they want to. We can supply technical support and recommend that event organisers set up the Audio Visual element of an event well in advance so that we can help troubleshoot the inevitable gremlin or two that may arise.

What is important to remember with Audio Visual is that it is very rarely the case that it’s a single product you’re looking for. The most impressive Audio Visual experiences are those that make effective use of multiple technologies, working together in harmony. To understand how the technology jigsaw puzzle can be put together, it is always a good idea to find a trusted expert and partner with real experience to help build the stack. We see this as our point of competitive advantage, so please call us today on 02 8999 8887 to discuss what we can do for you.

And while we are based in Sydney, we are more than capable of servicing your event anywhere in Australia. So, if you’ve got an event in Perth, don’t be shy! We’re still able to provide you with exactly the same quality service through our trusted suppliers.

Examples of the kind of full-service Audio Visual set ups we have provided to our customers:




QSC_K10_K10_10_2_Way_1000_1240517773000_616271 - Equipment Hire

QSC K 10 Active Speaker